It Doesn’t Get More Psycho Than This

HOLY SH*T! Is this freakshow of a man not the most terrifying individual you’ve ever seen?! Just look at those eyeballs – 100% certified crazy.


Let’s do a quick run through of what exactly is going on here:
First, the guy has the look of a railroad drifter. If he offers you a spoonful of his baked beans surprise, man up and take the spoonful. The last thing you want is to offend him.

Second, anybody who plays around with their dentures is automatically creepy. Just look at those things, they seem to drop down the same way the jaws of a Great Whit pertrude out when it’s attacking a seal. He may not have the biting power of a killer shark, but he’s probably got more germs in his mouth than Lindsay Lohan’s crotch. And how did he lose his original teeth anyway? Bum fights? Too many meth smoothies? You can bet it’s a grisly tale you’re better off not hearing.

Finally, the psychopath is setting his beard on fire. That right there should be reason enough to avoid this individual like Donald Trump avoids the poor.

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