JIMMY KIMMEL CHALLENGE VIDEO: “Sorry, I Ate All Your Halloween Candy”

Remember when you were a kid and you stomped all over your neighborhood, begging your neighbors for all that yummy chocolate? And you just knew you’d have candy for days and days?

Now what if you woke up the next morning and it was ALL GONE? All the Kit-Kats, the Reese cups, even the suckers? And what if your MOM AND DAD said they ate it all up?

Just like last year, TV talk hose Jimmy Kimmel encouraged viewers to upload videos to YouTube of parents admitting to their kids that they ate all their candy. And as you can imagine, these are some darned mad kids.

But while the videos are funny, you can’t believe the reaction of a few of the kids at the end. Enjoy, laugh, and get your hands out of that Halloween candy! What is wrong with you, anyway?

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