The 10 Most Iconic Stand-Up Bits: Hicks, Murphy and Carlin

These famous bits from comedy superstars have all had a considerable impact on the art of stand-up, and in many cases, popular culture. They are the moments that permanently solder themselves to your funny-bone, and illicit bad renditions of material from your friends. When we created this list (in no particular order) we attempted to be as representative of the broader strokes of comedy as possible, but it is by no means comprehensive. It also falls on the side of the near contemporary, or at least the currently relavent. Perhaps you believe there’s a good reason to include a different bit by someone else? Make a comment with your suggestion, and also include who you would replace (not that we’ll consider your opinion). Happy laughing.

1. Andy Griffith
Football Story

2. Abbott & Costello
Who’s on First

3. Richard Pryor
In the Jungle

4. George Carlin
Religion is Bullsh*t

*Also see Carlin’s infamous Seven Dirty Words.

5. Andy Kaufman
First Appearance On Johnny Carson

6. Dave Chapelle
Taken to the Ghetto

7. Bill Cosby
On The Tonight Show Hosted by Jack Parr

8. Rodney Dangerfield
No Respect

9. Bill Hicks
On Marketing

10. Eddie Murphy
Ice Cream

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