The 5 Most Ridiculous Televangelist Videos: Psychos Called Upon by a Higher Power

If Televangelists are to be believed; God hates gay people, diseases can be cured with a simple touch, and Jesus needs money. Lots of it. Seriously, billions of dollars every year. Most people are aware that brimstone invoking (and entrepreneurial) televangelists have been tricking unsuspecting folks out of their hard earned money for generations. Though along the way they’ve blessed us with some truly hilarious and entertaining television moments. Here are some of the absolute best, culled from some of televangelism’s most charismatic people.

The king of all televangelists, the man, the one and only – Benny Hinn. He’ll sing a song and touch your children while he does it, all in the name of Jesus! Just don’t forget about ol’ Benny when the collection plate rolls around.

If the God’s destruction takes Pat Robertson with it, then so be it. He does make good point though, angel rape isn’t cool.

If Todd Bentley starts to charge you, don’t worry, he’s not about to go all “prison yard style” on you. He’s only going to punch the cancer out of your body.


[BoxTitle]Benny Hinn/Drowning Pool Mash-Up[/BoxTitle]

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