The Best 2012 Election Results GIFs

Like no other election before, the 2012 Presidential Election was a thing of the Internet and the standout was the GIF. From the GOP candidates, up through the debates and the election night itself, the GIF reigned as the supreme being of election web comedy. Losers, winners, the GIF doesn’t discriminate when it comes to political mockery.

voting gif

Young and old, informed and uninformed, liberal and conservative – Americans took to the polls to cast their vote.


Ohio proved to be the last slice of pizza and Romney was just too slow.


Four more years of this guy, America!


And back to the Massachusetts mansion for this guy.


Probably talking to Jay-Z or Springsteen.


Some Americans cried, and others celebrated with the sweet elixir of those Republican tears.

Presidential reelection dance party hey-oh!

Via Tumblr

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