25 Christmas Movie GIFs to Sum Up Your Holiday Experience

You’ve seen Miracle on 34th Street, White Christmas and all the other holiday standards that fill your head with pipe dreams of the perfect Christmas. Sorry to break it to you, but that magical Christmas ain’t happening. Let us paint a more accurate picture of what you can expect come December 25th. Good luck with the relatives…

You’ve probably got thoughts of wonderful gadgets like floofloovers, whohoopers and iPhones in your head.

ralphie twinkle eyes gif

If you’re depending on Santa, you most likely won’t get any of that.

buddy the elf throne of lies

Sorry, the truth hurts.

bad santa

It’s best not to float all your wishes and dreams on a guy in a fake beard at the mall.

christmas story santa gif

Shopping for loved ones is going to have it’s rough spots.

kevin's groceries gif

The Christmas spirit is generally vacant on the roadways.

christmas vacation deer

hey it's a deer

And folks in the stores may not always offer a joyful hello.

filthy animal gif

Plus, shopping can be rather exhausting and leave you feeling like this…

Randy slug gif

As draining as the holidays may seem, remember there’s somebody out there who’s got it worse than you.

flick tongue gif

And your relatives will soon be coming by for a visit. Better get ready.

kevin lock n load

If you’re lucky you won’t have to see them again until next November.

shitter's full

…Or their annoying offspring.

fuller pepsi

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Still, they WILL expect you to impress them with a full-blown Christmas.

clark griswald

Did we mention their kids are probably going to annoy the crap out of you?

buddy the elf elevator

But that’s what holiday hooch is for.


Drink enough and you won’t even notice that dry turkey.

christmas vacation turkey gif

Just shovel more food in your face and you won’t even half to make awkward conversation with your strange 2nd cousin.

bad santa billy bob gif

And try to avoid getting stuck at the kids’ table.

randy food face

The holidays can often be a anxious and painful experience.

joe pesci home alone

Just remember that you’re not alone in the Christmas suffering.
home alone bb gun

Maybe you’ll even get lucky and actually get what you asked for this year.

kevin ballin hard

But probably not.

buddy the elf jack in box

Put on your grown-up pants…

And wish your loved ones a happy New Year as you bid them farewell.

bad santa fat kid

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