Cat Yodeling and 10 Cats Getting Pranked for Your Cruel Enjoyment

There’s a reason that your cat probably hates you and pranking it with plastic wrap and laser pointers isn’t going to help the relationship.

For this prank you’re going to need a cat, safety goggles, and an abundance of free time away from judgmental friends and family. DON’T forget the safety goggles.

Something tells us cats aren’t big fans of s’mores.

There’s a reason it’s “guard dog” and not “guard cat.”

That raccoon has the 1,000 yard stare of a Vietnam vet.

It’s like the “boo box” of the YouTube generation.

Cat-bean-bag-chair-launch [BoxTitle]Bean Bag Cat Launcher[/BoxTitle]

Perfect for living room warfare when you need to take back the couch.

pool monster cat prank [BoxTitle]Pool Monster Goes After Cat[/BoxTitle]

It’s like they recreated the crocodile hunting zebra scene from those nature documentaries, only with less carnage.

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