Cat Yodeling and 10 Cats Getting Pranked for Your Cruel Enjoyment

There’s a reason that your cat probably hates you and pranking it with plastic wrap and laser pointers isn’t going to help the relationship.

For this prank you’re going to need a cat, safety goggles, and an abundance of free time away from judgmental friends and family. DON’T forget the safety goggles.

Something tells us cats aren’t big fans of s’mores.

This will be an Olympic sport by 2020, guaranteed.

The video uploader claims he wasn’t stoned, but we have our doubts.

There’s a reason it’s “guard dog” and not “guard cat.”

Totally worth the six seconds.

That raccoon has the 1,000 yard stare of a Vietnam vet.

It’s like the “boo box” of the YouTube generation.

Perfect for living room warfare when you need to take back the couch.

It’s like they recreated the crocodile hunting zebra scene from those nature documentaries, only with less carnage.

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