Pizza Hut Continues Its Quest to Give All of America Heart Attacks

Gotta give it up to the masterminds of Pizza Hut, they really push the boundaries of what qualifies as pizza. Seriously, those mad scientists are just as innovative as the folks over at Apple, only they choose to work with cheese.

Pizza Hut is on a roll with their dangerously gross/delicious looking menu items. Back in August we showed you their Cheeseburger Pizza and Kit-Kats wrapped in pizza dough appetizer, now they’re unleashing the Double Sensation Pizza. Your weed smoked mind isn’t even ready for this – it’s a pizza within a pizza! It’s like, totally meta, man.

double sensation pizza

Okay, here’s the bad part. Technichally, at the moment you can only get this behemoth in Singapore (why Pizza Hut continues to torture America like this I have no idea, but it’s probably part of some plot to make the rest of the world hate us even more). Or it’s probably tied in somehow with the Mayan Apocalypse…

Just look at that monster, so much craziness going on it’s almost impossible to know where to start. Two rings of crust, the outer one literally oozing out with cheese, while the inner rings offer up smoked chicken, ham, peppers, mushrooms and in a curve ball choice – zucchini. And is that a cherry on top? Yes, yes it is.

Why it’s a cheese exploding, heart attack inducing Christmas miracle!

double sensation pizza

Via Gawker

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