Seeking A Bash For The End of The World

end of the world party
In case you hadn’t noticed, the world is scheduled to end sometime this Friday, which makes it the ideal day to do something you may regret at a later time. While holing up at your local bar and desperately trying to find sometime to spend your waning hours with sounds like a good plan, there’s still time to locate something a bit more happening. Here’s a few things going on in the world, that’ll be sure fire ways to kick off the apocalypse or whatever’s not really going to happen.

1. Skrillex is Playing on A Freaking Mayan Pyramid
skirllex, skrillex mexico,
If you’ve ever had the pleasure/been subjected to dubstep before, then you’ve likely heard Skrillex, the bass dropping king of the genre. Headlining his recent tour through Mexico, is a Dec. 21 bash in Puebla like you’ve never head of. Teaming up with Zedd, 12th Planet, and Nadastrom the Mothership (don’t worry, I have no idea who these people are either), the Cholula Pyramids will be rocking with MDA ridden dub heads. When the aliens arrive at midnight, I’m sure the first thing they’ll want to hear will be this.

2. The World Ends in Flint, Michigan
shocktop end of the world party, banana 101.5
This is the biggest thing to hit the midwestern city since Michael Moore’s bloated ego. Wheat beer masters Shock Top has teamed up with a radio station no one cares about to host a killer bash in a Holiday Inn Event Center…it’s Flint okay, they don’t have a Staples Center yet. Along with performances by Danko Jones, Otherwise, and 40 Oz to Freedom, there will be several more exotic activities available including something called “partner aerobics.” There will be a man dressed in a santa costume than can legally marry people, video confession booths, and of course a ginormous dance floor with a DJ spinning all night. It’s almost enough to make you want to visit Flint, Michigan.

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3. The Guatemalan Epic Rock Fest
guatemala end of the world
In an effort to gather the “most creative minds” together for the big event, Neil Young, Bruce Springsteen, Elton John, U2 and the Jackson brothers will all be present at the New Dawn for Humanity Summit on the twenty first. A series of events will take place near the Mayan city of Tikal, where hotels are sold way the hell out. This all-star concert figures to be the can’t miss show of the doomsday season.

4. Yet Another End of The World Party (UK)
end of the world party london
Apparently these folks have done this before, boasting they’ve hosted over fifty end of the world parties in the last four years. I guess if that’s not a let down, then check out The End of The World Party at the Village Underground in London. They also have events going on in Bristol and Brighton among others, where participants are urged to wear whatever the hell you want, considering this is the last party you’ll ever go to…until they throw another one is like three weeks.

5. The Cosmic Convergence Festival

For all those ready to welcome out intergalactic brethren, Giorgio A. Tsoukalos, the host of the History Channels Ancient Aliens, will be pairing up with some cats who call themselves the Intergalactic Krewe of Chewbacchus to host an all day festival at the Sugar Mill in New Orleans. Ghostland Observatory headlines, with plenty of local heroes making appearances as well. The wookies claim their mission is to rock so hard that the aliens join in the fun. Sounds like a plan.

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