The 15 Best Fake Twitter Accounts of 2012

If 2011 was the year of the meme then 2012 was the year of the fake Twitter account. It seems that the second any major news hits a fake Twitter account pops up to put a comedic spin on the story. The presidential election, Hurricane Sandy and endless streams of pop culture news made way for a perfect storm of fake accounts that helped distract us from our jobs, school work and loved ones.

Who had the best faux-Tweets this past year? Check out our list of the Top 15 fake Twitter accounts of 2012!

1. @NotAPoliceman
This is my Tweeter of 2012. Not A Cop is the Twitter account of someone who is “totally not a cop. Why would you even say that? You know what? I bet you’re a cop! You NARC! I swear, I’m totally not a cop. Can I have some drugs to buy please?”

2. @ZooeyAsksSiri
Zooey Deschanel has catapulted her status of “that cute girl in that one movie” to being a full-fledged A-Lister. The New Girl is one of the biggest shows on TV and Zooey’s quirky behavior has become nothing short of a societal trend among girls aged 12-45. Need proof? Anyone who had stock in Ukulele Companies and stores that sell Skorts are now millionaires. Here is a Twitter account of Zooey Deschanel asking Siri questions:

3. @ElBloombito
Michael Bloomberg is TERRIBLE at Spanish. Here are some of his Hurricane Sandy Tweets geared towards the Latin community of New York:

4. @KimKierkegaard
Kim Kierkegaardashian is part terrible and part inspirational. This weird combination of Kim Kardashian soundbites and Kierkegaard sayings is oddly zen.

5. @HonestToddler
Honest Toddler tells it like it is… Toddler Style.

6. @RealSandyCane
Hurricane Sandy was the most devastating disaster ever to hit the East Coast. Billions of dollars of property damage, hundreds of deaths and thousands left without homes. To put it bluntly, Sandy was a real Bizzznatch. Here are some of Sandy’s own live tweets during the storm:

7. @InvisibleObama
The highlight of the presidential election wasn’t made by President Obama, Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan or Joe Biden. Nope, the real highlight of the election was made by Clint Eastwood and an empty chair. The RNC played host to Clint Eastwood yelling at an empty chair that he claimed was seating an invisible President Obama. Here is the Twitter account where the chair fights back.

8. @FakeLouieEps
Fake Louie Episodes is your one-stop shop for Louie fan fiction.

9. @PaulRyansAbs
In 2008 the Republicans gave men some eye candy to get excited about when they chose Sarah Palin to be McCain’s running mate. Well, 2012 was all about gettin’ ladiezzz their jollies. Paul Ryan was the fresh-faced VP nominee with the ideals of Ronald Reagan and the abs of Channing Tatum. Here are the top tweets from the rock hard abs of Paul Ryan:

10. @AdelesExBF
Adele has become one of the biggest names in music. Her soulful and powerful voice seems to be fueled by the pain induced by her former lovers. Well, you’ve heard her side of the story, now you get to hear theirs.

11. @OldHossRadbourn
Modern sports commentary as told over by Old Hoss Radbourn, a former Major League pitcher who played for Boston in the late 1800s.

12. @YourAwayMessage
If you were above the age of 12 in the early 2000s, chances are you had an AIM account and that account was full of crappy away messages. Quotes from Blink 182 songs, randomly placed caps lock and the abbreviation “BBL.” Here is the Twitter account with every away message you’ve ever had.

13. @Drunkenpredator

This military drone would easily fail a blood-alcohol breath test … if it had blood for the alcohol to go into.

14. @Justin_Buber
“Combining the pop stylings of Justin Bieber with the existential wisdom of philosopher Martin Buber.” Sometimes the Internet does something amazing. Sometimes it does stuff like this:

15. @Fake_Prokhorov
Fake Mikhail Prokorov is the best fake twitter account for NBA fans. Mikhail is the outspoken and UBER Russian owner of the New York Nets. “Russian Mark Cuban” is pretty much the closest thing that Russia will ever get to having an eccentric oil billionaire Cowboy who owns an American sports team. Follow this Twitter account if you like anti-David Stern rants in broken English.

Eitan Levine is a New York City based comic. Follow him on Twitter at @Eitanthegoalie .

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