The 20 Awesomest Nicolas Cage GIFs

nicolas cage gifs

WARNING: This gallery may cause insanity, hysteria and an overwhelming desire to watch Bangkok Dangerous repeatedly.

There’s really no reason that an abundance of Nicolas Cage GIFs should exist on the internet, but they do and your mind is about to be a little more warped because of it. This isn’t Raising Arizona, these are more from the Wicker Man era of Cage.

Nicolas Cage GIFs

“Shhh, don’t tell mommy or daddy.”

Nicolas Cage GIFs

Ladies, this can be all yours.

Nicolas Cage GIFs

We can only hope that the apocalypse will involve Cagezilla.

Nicolas Cage GIFs

Hello nightmares.

Nicolas Cage GIFs

No woman can resist an offer of oral sex from Nic Cage.

Nicolas Cage GIFs

Just killed somebody, eh, oh well.

Nicolas Cage GIFs

Nic Cage has some unusual beauty habits.

Nicolas Cage GIFs

Nic Cage fans will always find him, no matter where he hides.

Nicolas Cage GIFs

Master of seduction.

Nicolas Cage GIFs

He may look miserable, but it’s actually very therapeutic.

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“Ooh Dream weaver…”

Nicolas Cage GIFs

Nic Cage will blow you kisses for eternity.

Nicolas Cage GIFs


Nicolas Cage GIFs

Cage rises with the morning sun to welcome you to a fresh, new day of crazy.

Nicolas Cage GIFs

He’s a little upset, but more than that, he’s genuinely a curious fellow.

Nicolas Cage GIFs

Haters gonna hate. Cage don’t care.

Nicolas Cage GIFs

You don’t talk back to Cage. Even if he is wearing a silly bear costume.

cry cage

Ghost Rider was a heavy movie. Even Cage got a little emotional.

con air gif

A Cage GIF is like a warm summer breeze.


It’s called Cagercising, ask about classes at your local YMCA.

Via Gifolas Cage, Uproxx

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