The 20 Awesomest Redneck Christmases of All Time

redneck christmas cover

From the moment the weather starts getting cooler until December 25th everyone has their mind on one thing: Christmas (Yes, even if you are Jewish you look forward to Christmas. Free vacation day thanks to the national holidays FTW!) Every year families across the world gather up and celebrate the birth of Jesus. They sing carols, give presents and catch up on some much needed family time.

Ever wonder how people south of the Mason- Dixon line celebrate Jesus’ B-Day? We scoured the internet and found the top 20 most awesome redneck Christmases of all time! So spike the eggnog with moonshine and hang some mistletoe over your sister! It’s redneck Christmas time! ‘Murica.

1. Redneck Christmas Tire Tree

2. Redneck Santa Sleigh

3. Merry Goddamn Christmas

4. Merry YouMightBeARedneck-mas

5. Redneck Santa Drainin’ the Lizard

6. Redneck Krismas

7. Merry Christmas, GET OFF MY LAWN!

8. Redneck Last Supper

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9. 2nd Amendment + Santa = Redneck Shootin’ Gallery

10. Explodin’ Redneck Christmas Tree

11. Redneck Christmas Tree Ornament

12. Redneck Santa Drivin’ Redneck Sleigh

13. Lazy Redneck Decoration

14. Redneck Christmas Presents

15. Redneck Santa’s Pickup Truck

16. Redneck Beer-mas Tree

17. Redneck Uncle Santa Claus

18. Redneck Advent Calendar

19. Redneck Reindeers Gettin’ It On

20. Extreme Redneck Santa

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Eitan Levine is a New York City based comic. Follow him on Twitter at @Eitanthegoalie .

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