The 20 Worst Celebrity Photos of 2012

wycleff on a motorcycle
These days, no one is safe from amateur photography or the internet. That goes double for celebrities that have cohorts of paparazzi tracking their every move. Is it fair? Maybe not, but some would argue that it’s a small price to pay for the lavish lifestyle and access. This year’s crop of bad and unfortunate celebrity photos is as amusing as ever.

1. Nick Nolti takes a dump in a bumper-car.

2. Amanda Bynes knows how to relieve the pressure of fame.

3. She also knows how to multi-task.

4. Katy Perry did her part to scar children at a water park by exposing her whiter than Moby Dick ass.
katy perry
5. Hathaway’s hoo-ha recently made an appearance at the Les Miserables premier.

6. Everyone unanimously agrees that meeting the Prime Minister of Canada implies that you not dress like a gay farmer. Not that there’s anything wrong with that…

7. A little too much bubbly before the show, Bieber?

8. Yes, Cher, if you could “Turn Back Time” this outfit would be appropriate.

9. Quintessential douche-bag Chris Brown gets a tattoo of a battered woman after battering a woman.

10. A presumably heavy-flow day steals the show at one of Christina Aguilera’s performances.

11. The absolute least flattering picture of Christina in existence.

12. Yes, a lifetime of publicly paraded problems awaits you, Boo Boo. You’re welcome.

13. Lopez’s nipple makes an appearance.

14. And here’s Nic Cage doing his best Nick Nolte impression 5 bloody marys in on a flight.
worst photo of nicolas cage ever

15. Keith Richards did his part to publicize the dangers of smoking. This could be you, kids!
Keith Richards 2012

16. Miley demonstrated her “technique” for other party goers. Take note, future Hollywood tramps.

17. Peaches Geldolf has her priorities in line. “That noise? Oh, that was just our son tumbling to the ground. Hey listen do you like that new purse I got?”

18. Sofia Vergara tweeted this pick of her ripped dress at the Emmy’s. Thanks for sharing, Sofia. Seriously.

19. Tori Spelling’s husband tweeted this pic of their son without realizing that his wife’s naked body was in the background. We’re guessing he spent that night on the couch.

20. And Wycleff made us all slightly uncomfortable with this near naked motorcylce photo.

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