The 20 Worst Street Names

bad street names cover

I’m sure the folks on Cannibal Road are lovely people, I just won’t be attending any of their dinner parties. These are the streets that you don’t want to find yourself driving down – trust us, no good can come from a stroll on Buckets of Blood Street. No matter what Google maps tells you, taking a detour through Broomrape Lane is sure to result in regret. Proceed with caution…

meth bible camp street, bad street names

Swimming, horseback, Jesus and crippling addiction await you at Meth Bible Camp.

blueball ave, bad street names

When your date tells you she lives on Blueball Ave, take that as literal sign that you won’t be getting lucky.

divorce ct, bad street names

Ever home is a broken home on Divorce Ct.

booger branch rd, bad street names

Write your own damn booger joke.

people with aids plaza, bad street names

It intersects with I’m Forever Crying Lane.

arlene, bad street names

Let’s just say it’s best not to let Mr. Whiskers out of the house.

This could only be better if the cross street was Ribbed Ave.

bucket-of-blood-street, bad street names

How much more warning do you need?! Skip this street on your trick or treating route at all costs.

charles manson street

No cause for alarm, everything is cool. They’ve got a neighborhood watch to keep any murderous cults in check.

butthole lane, bad street names

This is what happens when you let 13-year-old boys pick the street names.

church gays street

Somebody’s really pissed off about this and somebody else is delightfully amused. Guaranteed.

giggiety lane

Quagmire approved.

katies crotch rd, bad street names

You know that your crotch has really touched the community when the city names a street after it.

kickapoo dr, bad street names

I just love the visual that this street conjures up.

broomrape lane, bad street names

Everything about this street sounds incredibly unpleasant and “dead end” seems accurate… along with internal bleeding and shame.

seman cumming street

Seriously?! Nobody in the city planning department picked up on this? Not one person on the team attended junior high school?!

shades of death rd

I’ll take my chances with Broomrape Lane if it means avoiding Shades of Death Road.

skunks misery rd, bad street names

Poor little fella.

toe jam hill rd, bad street names

Not the best route for your morning jog.

cannibal road, bad street names

The residents love to throw dinner parties.

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