WATCH: The Most Easily Frightened Person On Earth

If classical conditioning were a sport, then Basse Andersen of Norway might claim top honors in the freak the f**k out category. Rising to fame, or at least infamy recently, when a news team from the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation came by for a visit, the copyshop employee is shown having the bejeesus scared out of him by anything that comes off as slightly unexpected.

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His tormentors, I mean friends, have been reeping the benefits of Basse’s nervous system, winning video contests and garnering thousands of hits for his youtube videos. If this comes off as slightly cruel, well it is, but he seems to take it in good humor. Also, it keeps the office morale up, which with the mind numbing task of printing and copying can break down quickly. Just like writing comedic articles…over and over again…(sigh).

Via The Daily Dot

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