12 Stadiums Made of Food That Would Improve Any Super Bowl Party

The Super Bowl is just around the corner, and that means you should be busy erecting your own edible architectural masterpiece. Just in case you don’t have the budget, time, or general ability to construct such a wonder, we’ve arranged a few to fill that gaping hole in your life. Snackadium has begun!


Beautiful work here.  Notice the dried fruit arrangement and mixed nuts for the health conscious, but then the Hostess tailgate party going on for contrast.  

food stadium

Great use of deli meats as a main medium, but the additional arches with cheese pillars puts it over the edge.  The little toothpicks on the top of the stadium are also a subtle touch that adds a sense of realism to the piece.

snack stadium

The veggies really pop, and show how they can really stand out when paired against the sea of beige that is most snacks.  As for the sliders on the corners – brilliant.

stadium spread

Notice the differentiating helmets on the players, Mozzarella and olives are a nice choice.  A little blasé with the Chex Mix, but we’re just nitpicking at this point.

food stadium

The field border is adorned with a blend of parsley and cilantro, and this design is entirely meatless. Maybe a little less filling than the others, but still a solid design.

stadium made of food

Points off for non-edible field items, but big ups for the cheese selection and cracker pairings. Also check out the Dunder Mifflin sign, very cute.

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food stadium

Pigs in a blanket are a nice addition, not to mention the spinach dip at midfield. On a side note, Rice Krispie treats deserve to be in more party spreads.

stadium box food

So maybe your guests won’t be clamoring for instant noodles, it’s the thought that counts. Perhaps you could drop this stadium off at the local soup kitchen and swing by Dominoes on the way home.


Wow, look at those monster sandwiches. It’s like a fortress.

food stadium

Toothpicks and Slim Jims, it’s all you need to get started people. Expect the heartburn to kick in around halftime.

snack stadium

Wow, world class. Notice the chicken wings in the corner, and yogurt covered pretzels behind the end zones. It’s all about ingenuity.


The twinkies are great, but what takes this to the next level is the bacon layered between them and the other snacks. Mind = blown.

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