18 of the Worst Grandparent Facebook Fails

grandparent facebook fails

It was bad enough when your parents signed up for Facebook, but now the wave of social media confusion has swept up your grandparents. It’s estimated that 22% of grandparents are now using social media, and probably 90% of them are using it horribly wrong. Prepare thyself, it’s only a matter of time before nana announces in all caps on your wall that’s she’s eating more fiber and regular again.

bieber fever

Bieber Fever can strike anyone, young or old.


Now if you could only drop a few pounds, Jennifer, Grampy might finally love you.

atm facebook fail

Until grandma figures out how to do direct deposit, those $5 birthday checks will remain uncashed.


Posting coupon requests on restaurant Facebook walls – truly the real reason social media was invented.

grandma facebook fail card

On the positive side, everyone at the retirement home enjoyed a little false hope that their family members still cared about them.

cody doesn't want to hang with grandma

And it looks like a vacancy in Carla’s will just opened up. Nice job, Cody.

colon clean facebook

One should always share the status of their colon.

Pass on the fail

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cookies facebook

It’s gonna be a long and confusing road to computer literacy for Louis.

date with the grandparents

They are paying for dinner…

facebook commands

It’s long been a senior citizen myth that if you yell at the computer long enough it will do what you want.

facebook instruction fail

Mission accomplished, Harold.

fake ass lemonaid

If you settle for anything less than an authentic lemonade experience than you’re just failing at life.

lmao facebook fail

Whoa, whoa, take the filth down a notch, Heather. None of that computer devil slang on Phyllis’ page.

lost on facebook

Glenda may be even more lost than Cody.

nooooo grandma

Mark’s grandmother may very well never use the Internet again. Nice job, Todd.

puppy facebook fail

Kids today just aren’t right with their hippity-hop music and puppy eating habits, am I right Minna?

facebook specials fails

Looks like grandma just found out Colt was a gigolo. Thanksgiving is gonna be a little weird this year.

grandma kicks ass

Make no mistake, Tyler’s grandmother will cut a fool.

Pass on the fail

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