The 20 Most Ridiculous Vintage Advertisements – Get Ready to be Offended

mad men meeting

Well, the golden age of advertising is well behind us, but thanks to Don Draper and company, we’ve been reminded how great some of this stuff used to be. No one’s talking to you, Megan. However, ad campaigns have concurrently evolved along with the society they’re meant to tantalize. Thus, reviewing the past hundred years or so, there’s plenty of objectionable material that makes you wonder how it ever made print. Here are some of the most ridiculous vintage advertisements for you to laugh at and recoil in horror from.

Usually, adorable babies are a surefire hit for an ad campaign. The exception is when your product can literally suffocate them to death.

cigarettes healthy

Yesiree, two packs a day keeps the doctor away. You’ll probably need a specialist at some point, though.

Appealing to the Holiday Depression crowd is probably not the best market.

7up baby

Is anyone surprised that childhood obesity has reached epidemic proportions in this country?

Schlitz beer ad

Hahaha! Now make it again before I lock you in the closet.

oil commercial

I think they call that foreshadowing.

fat people commercial

Yeah, come on, “Chubbies” — take your big fat asses into our store and enjoy the savings.

kill a woman advertisement

Only if she looks at you cock-eyed, or gives you lip.  That’s the law, Jack.

Well, how else would she learn?

japs wheaties

How many good men could have been saved if they’d gone with Special K instead?

healthy donuts ad

Yes, Vita-Donuts, the cornerstone of any nutritious breakfast.

shaving baby ad

Yeah…don’t give babies razor blades…probably not a good idea.

Lysol was marketed as a feminine hygiene product, as well as a form of birth control in the late twenties. So don’t get pregnant, or it will destroy your marriage.

sexist ads


So people used to be really, really racist, apparently.

cocaine ad

Those kids built like 40 of those things in the next 15 minutes, then tried to sell them for more tooth blow.

luckt strike health ad

Apparently Luckys also turn you into a tramp. Seriously, that flapper chick looks like she turns tricks on Boardwalk Empire.

And that’s how I met my wife.


Via theChive, boredpanda

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