20 Perfectly Timed Photos of ‘WTF?!’

awesome perfectly timed photos cover

Nothing captures a once in a lifetime photo like the perfectly timed bout of nausea or crotch shot. Moments of win, fail and lots of wtf, the click of the flash at the right moment resulted in these 20 awesome photographic accidents. I promise, they’re better than any of your great aunt’s Facebook cat albums.

wu tang

Second only in the city juniors soccer league to the RUN DMC twins.

alien horse

Ridley Scott’s remake of Mr. Ed gets a little weird.

atv wtf

The perfect stock photo for a search of “ATV accidents involving kids and the elderly.”

bird shit

This photo needs a 3D version. Get on that, Internet.

nba booger

Rule #332 of the NBA handbook clearly grants a penalty shot for illegal nose pick of an opposing player.

statue blowing cloud

This photo sorta has the Monty Python thing going on.

boob cover up

Upon closer inspection, you’ll notice the photo’s perfectly placed in the “Focus” section.

cat goes after bum

I think we all know what the obvious pun here is, moving on…

wedding toast fail

This is the precise moment that it become apparent John had a drinking problem.

eagle snatches dog

“Hide yo puppies, hide yo kids, eagles be snatching errbody up!”


Hey, ya know, girls just wanna have fun.

geisha book on cover

The Kindle version of this photo is rather lame.


Please let it be true that their coach told her to pull her head out of his butt.


She can really hit those high notes, but it’s a team effort.

guy pukes on whale

Suck on that, National Geographic!

dog nutshot

Nothing ruins cake like being kicked in the balls, right?

obama wizard

Wizard Obama, what low approval rating do you foresee tomorrow?

dad pee

Perfectly timed photos can have a “weird but cute” factor, too.

packers fire blast

This made losing the game just that much more painful.

rid em

It’s only fitting that she tagged the small man riding her back.

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