Author Page: Danny Vega

Danny Vega is a 23-year-old Brooklyn resident from Casa Grande, Arizona. He currently produces the 5 Funniest Videos series, focusing on curating funny videos from throughout the web. He also writes other stuff too. Check out all of his articles here.

He performs Stand-up Comedy and a bit of Improv in NYC parks mostly.

Email: danny at heavy dot com
Twitter: @dannyvegasucks
Personal Website:

Favorite Articles He’s Written:

5 Brilliantly Funny Louis CK Stand-Up Clips Every Human Should See

Is Louis CK a prophet, a genius, a philosopher, or just a fat, gross dude? Probably all those things, but the one thing that's sure is that he's hilarious.

Click here to read more

This Insane Telekinetic/Psychic Powers Prank Will Blow Your Mind

Come for the part where she throws a dude against a wall, stay when you realize that's not the part that really scares people.

Click here to read more

Favorite Articles by Others:

Drunk Driver Leads Police Chase to Finish McDonald’s Big Mac

Have you ever led police in a car chase because you were drunk and just wanted to finish your Big Mac sandwich from McDonald's? ... Me either.

Click here to read more

Unnecessary Censorship: 10 Outrageous GIFs of Soiled Innocence

With censoring, even the most innocuous things can become overtly sexual. LOL funny.

Click here to read more

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