Girl’s Marilyn Monroe Tattoo Fail Redefines Horrible

“Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.”

That’s just one example of a dumb Marylin Monroe quote that has undoubtedly been re-posted thousands of times on Tumblr, Facebook and probably somewhere in a Candace Bushnell book. There are literally thousands of those lyrical turds floating around pop culture and their power can be devastating.

Exhibit A.

Sixteen-year-old Siobhan Fields, was so enamored with the dead actress that she sought out a shady tattoo artist and ended up with a puddle of ink on her arm that looks like it was done with a pencil by a half blind hobbit in dimly lit cellar.

Siobhan Fields tattoo fail

I love Marilyn Monroe. She was absolutely beautiful, but this tattoo makes her look more like a blow-up doll.
‘Her mouth is just a black blob, the eyes are circles, her eyes are two dots.”

The botched tattoo cost $80 and her efforts to get a refund proved trivial. Ouch.

Pass on the fail

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Now, you could say that the lesson here is to use caution when picking a tattoo artist or even avoid getting a tattoo at all. The deeper pearl of wisdom young females of the world can really pull from this story is, idolizing Marlyin Monroe will likely result in bad things happening to you.

Via DailyMail

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