Te’oing is the New Tebowing: 20 Photos of Girlfriends Who Don’t Exist

Life can be cruel, as Manti T’eo can surely attest, but the Internet is damn cold-blooded. With lightning speed, Tumblr and other social media sites are abuzz with Te’oing, the hot new meme where you pretend to pose with a significant other. You have to feel for the guy, but after the BCS forced us to watch a dreadful national championship that the Irish had no business attending, our pity mines are a bit tapped out. Here’s a taste.

Bruch is a special time for couples.


Equal opportunity.

clint eastwood, teoing

This may have worked better than what Clint was actually trying to do.

fortune cookie teoing

The cookie never lies.


This person is actually very lonely.

Alpha Beta Cappa

She said yes!!!

“Mom, this is Sheila.”

I’m guessing he’s a Tebow kind of guy.

Yeah bro!

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