The 10 Worst Mug Shot Fails of 2012

These fine specimens of society got themselves arrested in 2012. Lets take a moment to laugh at them and hope our paths never cross.

bug eye mug shot

Andrei Bibbs aka “Bug Eyes”, busted for D.U.I. Surprise!

ladies love it mug shot

“Fat Cat” and “Ladies Love It”, fairly certain “Ladies Love It” isn’t from this year, but anyone dumb enough to get such tattoo demands further examination.

villain stache mug shot

Christopher Gerhart aka “Dastardly Chris”, amazingly Chris was arrested for D.U.I. and NOT attempting to tie a woman to railroad tracks.

crazy eyes mug shot

“Crazy Eyes”, his criminal offense is unknown but something tells us it involved alcohol, meth, or huffing paint thinner.

half beard mug shot

“The Half Beard Bros” remember, kids, shaving under the influence is no way to go through life.

hillbilly dracula mug shot

Alan Dale Lee aka “Hillbilly Dracula”, if there’s anything Alan loves more than saltwater taffy, it’s being drunk in public.

handle bar mug shot

James Owings aka “Pappy Stache”, was busted in Oregon for driving with a suspended license. Free Pappy Stache in 2013!

cousin it mug shot

Marcella Hernandez aka “Cousin It”, at first we thought this was a photo of an English Sheepdog’s asshole, but it’s actually Marcella Hernandez who was busted for parole violation.

psycho mug shot

“Psycho and Reject.” Having “psycho” on your forehead is lets people know you’re not to be trifled with. Having “reject” on your forehead let’s them know you’re officially failing at life.

god mug shot

“God.” Whatever this woman did to get arrested you can bet it was probably horrific. Undoubtedly the most dangerous mug on our list, 100% pure crazy and sure to be an avid online dater.

Via NYDaily News

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