The 20 Awesomest Chalkboard Bar Signs – Alcohol and Art WTF

bar signs cover

If you’re looking for a good bar to spend your Super Bowl Sunday, we’ve got a few suggestions. No promises of cold beer or friendly service at these four star establishments, but what they lack overall hospitality they make up for in marketing. These bar tenders are regular Mad Men when it comes to chalk board advertising. Cheers!

bad decisions beer sign

No good can come of mixing PBR and Evan Williams. Get ready to go off the rails and do some apologizing the next day when drinking at this place.

free beer

FREE BEER?! Oh hell yes… wait… nevermind, just a cheap ploy to get me to buy beer.

you're not special

Life lesson, kids. Life lesson.


Good luck following this flow chart after a night at Cajun Mikes.

batman bar sign

Lot of dinners for a little bit of Batman. Hope it was worth it.

creepy guy bar sign

Pretty good satisfaction to creepy ratio for any bar to have.

domestic violence beer

Needless to say, this isn’t the bar to pick up girls in.

soup of the day whiskey

Two bowls please!

meatball sandwich yelp bar sign

It’s not often that a meatball sandwich can have such a big impact.

gay bar bar sign

This marketing is simply faaaaaaaabulous!

hell coffee

There is coffee in hell, but it’s instant. For all eternity, mwhahahahaah.

lsd bar

Stay there long enough and you’re guaranteed to have a mind altering experience.

mayor burger

Nothing adds some kick to a good burger like tear inducing pepper spray. #PainMeal


Be a good son or daughter and don’t forget to support mom’s drinking habit.

shame bar sign

Drink = make horrible mistake = fix mistake = drink more. Repeat the vicious cycle.

shitfaced bar sign

Somebody’s always got to ruin it for the rest of us.

sunday mass drinking

WWMD? (What would Moe Do?)

xxx bar sign

Probably could have written “girls beach volleyball” and it would have been just as effective.

bacon bar sign

Bacon resistance is futile.

tears of our enemies

Mmmmm, enemy tears. The secret ingredient to any bitter cocktail.


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