The 20 Awesomest Super Bowl Commercials

Hopefully you’ve decided which indentation in the couch you will be inhabiting this Sunday, because it’s the biggest commercial extravaganza of the year. Over the years you may have missed a few ads, seeing as how the Puppy Bowl is quite big now, so we’ve got you covered. Here are the 20 awesomest Super Bowl Commercials.

Bud – Weis – Er

Say what you will about it, the iconic frogs captured the worlds attention with a simple message that transcended language, culture, and species.

The Lizards Strike Back

The amphibian campaign was so successful, that Bud went back to it the next year with the addition of two reptilian cohorts. Taking a decidedly darker turn, this series of adverts is hilarious and much more creative than the initial idea.

Mac 1984

Probably the best known of the so called “Super Ads,” Mac rocked the world with this game changer.

I Want It All

I don’t know what it is about this one, but I laugh my ass off every time I see it. I also wish anything would make me as happy as this guy.

Mean Joe Green


Bird and MJ

Personally, I think it’s a little overrated, but seeing the two legends shoot it out over some cancer inducing soy burgers takes me back to my youth.

Cat Herders

Sure it’s cute, but the production value is out of this world. I still don’t know who the hell EDS is though.

Terry Tate Reebok : Office Linebacker

Terry Tate isn’t a real person, but I’m terrified he’s going to put me through a cubicle every time I slack off in the office.

Snickers : Betty White and Abe Vigoda

This dawned the rebirth of Betty White’s career, and everyone remembered Abe Vigoda for a few fleeting moments. “That’s not what your girlfriend said.”

Michelob Ultra – Wide Open

You may have noticed several of these have innocent people getting tackled…it’s just the way my mind works. Also that spear he puts on her is epic.

KFed Nationwide

I give Mr. Federline a lot of credit for being able to laugh at himself. He also probably needed the money.

Planters Perfume

Has anyone actually tried this? Cashews totally get me going.

Volkswagen Darth

So how long until I can get a Jetta that lets me do this?

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Bud Bowl

I remember actually cheering for Bud in this thing, and being crushed when “Budski” didn’t get to attempt that final kick.

Bob Dole Gets Real

How was this not aired during his campaign?

Budweiser Replay

This still somehow happened.

Coke Delivery


Career Builder Monkeys

This is why I left Armani Exchange.

Sprint Phone to the Face

Actually this is the only feature worth promoting for Sprint anymore.

Bud Light Paper

We’ve all been there.

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