The 20 Awesomest Toilets

cool toilet
No one likes to give credit to a quality toilet, but when you find yourself far from home in an urgent mood, a sanitary porcelain bowl is your best friend. Lets celebrate our good chum with a list of the 20 Most Awesome Toilets you’ve probably never had the opportunity to desecrate.

The Aquarium

Nothing like a troubling of goldfish to put you at ease. Although it is somewhat ominous that a group of goldfish is called a “troubling”.

The Ikea

In case you enjoy crapping into Swedish coffee tables, here ya go.

The I Can’t Aim Properly

Just like the balloon game at the carnival where you’re annually emasculated by a twelve year old.

The Diddy

Bad Boys for Life Dawg.

The Game of Thrones

When your John has a candle holder, yeah, you’re a f@#%ing nerd.

The Easy Rider

A bike powered by human waste? There’s hope yet for humanity.

The Time Capsule

So it disappears in the day, and emerges at night for drunk people. How long until some poor wino gets trapped in that thing?

The Ice Box

It is the way of the Eskimo.

The Entrapment

This baby will scan the room with lasers, and automatically lift the cover for you. Now your wife will finally leave you the hell alone.

The I Have More Money Than God

It’s a $130,000 jewel encrusted toilet in Japan. We can all dream, no?

The Eternal Flame

For the environmentally conscious, and those that don’t mind the smell of burning feces in their home.

The Nagano

When the adrenaline kicks in, you’ll be ready to go.

The King Tut
King Tut toilet

Provides adequate space for your servants to kneel at your feet.

The Executive
the-executive toilet

When you’re really important.

The Reverse Voyeur

You can see out, they can’t see in. Just know those rules have applied to the thousands of homeless people that used the thing before you.

The Swiss Army Knife
swiss-army toilet

For when you don’t have a sink, or a towel rack, or a medicine cabinet. Of course if you don’t have those things, you probably can’t afford the $6,000 price tag.

The Managerial Suite

No, not demeaning at all.

The Raver

Makes things much easier for when you’re riding out that last dose of MDMA.

The Fine China
water-themed toilet

Dinner at Grandma’s will never seem the same.

The Insecurity Blanket
women-on-walls toilet

Damn right you’re impressed.


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