Top 10 Funniest Unknown People You Should Follow on Twitter

twitter unknowns

Twitter connects us with the funny people we love and the celebrities whose lunch we just have to see. There are basically three types of comedians on Twitter: famous, Twitter famous, and unknown. The top three most popular comics are Ellen Degeneres, Jimmy Fallon and Daniel Tosh. Now, these people have good Twitter accounts, but they were already famous. They didn’t earn their way to the top by tweeting — that honor goes to people who are Twitter famous. Folks like @robdelaney, @meganamram and @neilhamburger.

And while all of these people make me laugh, well, as usual, someone on Twitter has already put it better…

@tommykarate didn’t quite crack the list, but we’ll just call him 11. And now for the Top 10 Funniest Twitter Users You’ve Never Heard Of.

10. Jason Miller @longwall26
Jason’s tweets range from absurdist imagery to those clever turns of phrase. His highs might not the be the highest, but he’s one of the most consistent tweeps out there.

Check out more of his best tweets here.

9. The Dork @the_dorkster
The Dork invokes pop culture in these tweets, but really his name says it all: He’s a lame dude, but it’s funny.

Check out more of his best tweets here.

8. egg dog @egg_dog
egg dog is that weird funny, that bizarre “who hurt you?”; it’s like being zapped with a ha-ha-tazer.

Check out more of his/her/its best tweets here.

7. I Hate Kate @superapple8
Kate is that nice girl friend everyone has who is secretly grosser than you are. Also, you want to bang her, and she wants to bang you, but it’s never at the same time.

Check out more of her best tweets here.

6. Wolf Puppy @wolf_pupy
This guy makes egg dog seem tame in the weirdness department: hilarious, poetic, and ‘lolwut’ to the max.

Check out more of his/her/its best tweets here.

5. It’s Rowlf, Bitch @irowlf
More conventional than his animal peers, but irowlf brings some wit and pop culture to the realms of absurdity.

Check out more of his/her/its best tweets here.

4. Nathan Buckley @duplicitron
A sharp word player with a sense of funny that’s tough to beat, he also just likes to mess with people.

Check out more of his best tweets here.

3. donni @donni
Donni can border on the poetic/inspirational, but when he aims for laughs, he hits harder than almost anyone.

2. Jessica @schmoodles
Jessica is proof that women really are funnier than men. She likes to talk about what she wants, but honestly she makes me feel so wimpy, I prefer her non-gender-related tweets.

1. Snorklhuahua @weinerdog4life
Snorklhuahua just knows how to combine the absurd with the rational in a way that just doesn’t get old. He can turn a phrase as well as any other, and his witticisms are great, but I think he’s best when he gets just plain weird.

Know someone funnier? Thought you should’ve been on the list? Think the author of this has good taste? Tweet @dannyvegasucks on twitter for his own much attempts at humor and plenty of great RTs. ?

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