Tracy Morgan Grab Bag Explosion!

30 Rock is coming to a close this evening after seven years of spoof, which means Tracy Morgan will probably be homeless in 3 months. Don’t feel too bad for him though, we’re pretty (kinda) sure he’s just pretending to be unstable. To celebrate his illustrious career and hilarious personification of himself, we’ve compiled a clusterf@#k of clips and GIFs to fill your insatiable Tracy needs. Kisses.

Tracy on Letterman

This Could Actually Happen

With or Without You

Sweet Moves
Tracy Morgan Martin Hustleman

Cop Out

Tracy Morgan Cop Out

Totally Awesome

Is it Swimming?
Tracy Morgan

Hustleman on Martin

Tracy Morgan 30 Rock

30 Rock Therapy

Tracy + Hockey = Perfect Marriage

Tracy Morgan Doesn’t Tolerate Twitter

Tracy Tells Conan that Obama Needs a Face Tattoo

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