WATCH: Manti Te’o Interview with Katie Couric Has Now Become an Amazing Auto-tune

“Why? Why, Manti? Why lie?”

Manti Te’o sat down with the friendlier version of Barbara Walters last week, Katie Couric, to discuss his fake girlfriend scandal. So of course it’s become an auto-tune jam. The Katie/ Manti duet first verse is good enough, but the real standout is Manti’s father. Channeling Coolio, Manti’s dad spits out rhymes like…

“Believe me, I woulda whooped his ass so tenderly… she was so beautiful and they broke out into song just like a Disney musical.”

It gets the seriousness of the situation across, but maintains the innocence of a confused young man with the Disney reference. Brilliant.

manti, napoleon dynamite

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