10 Monkeys Who Are Opposed to Gun Control

monkeys with guns

There’s a lot of talk on the news these days about gun control, but what the media hasn’t addressed is the threat of a gun-crazy ape uprising! As you’ve been informed through Hollywood over the last few decades, our slightly less evolved brethren intend to take the planet by force, after some sequence of events that was probably our fault to begin with. In case you’re not drinking the Kool-Aid on this one quite yet, here’s some credence to the theory.

This one’s not real, but actually a promo for the last Planet of the Apes flick. The effects here might actually be better than what was in the film.

monkeys with guns

For a while there was a rumor the Taliban were training monkeys as terrorists. Then people remembered that’s impossible.

monkeys with guns

Apparently they’re supposed to be dressed as police officers, not bell hops, which I guess is slightly more comforting.

monkeys with guns

He’s actually writing a lovely soliloquy on there.

monkeys with guns

That’s an interesting trick. Whatever happened to riding a tricycle?

monkeys with guns

What, is this like a thing now?

monkeys with guns

He shoved that flower petal in the barrel and began stonily singing a Crosby, Stills, and Nash number.


Give me the God..damn…banana.

monkey with guns

Love the accessories.

monkey with shotgun, trunk monkey

Aren’t I adorable? Now give me all your money.

monkey sniper

Nobody ever suspects the monkey of making the kill shot.

chimp with a gun

When Mr. Marbles says “dance” you’d better dance.

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