20 Awesome Reaction GIFs That Describe Your Life

Unless you’re on an MTV show with a camera crew following you around 24/7, chances are you have never seen what you look like in your day-to-day activities.

While you may never get a chance to be on the Real World or Road Rules or whatever that new show is that follows around rednecks, with the help of GIFs you can totally see what your life looks like.

Here are 20 GIFs that describe your existence on this planet:

1. 5 Minutes into Helping Your Friend Move His Couch

I Dont Like This Adventure

2. First Time You Heard the Song “Who Let The Dogs Out”

Baha Men

3. How Cool You Think You Look While Parallel Parking


4. Looking in the Mirror When You Finish a Sudoku Box


5. How You Think You Look In Front of a Cute Girl…

Lookin' Cool

6. … How You Actually Look

Not Cool

7. How Most Things You Do Look After You Say The Words “Yuh Huh! I For Sure Can Drink More Tequila Than You!”

Drunk N Stuff

8. How You Feel Walking Out Of Your Last Final

Beyonce Final

9. How You Feel Wearing Man-Uggs

Man Uggs

10. What You Looked Like After The 30 Rock Finale

30 Rock

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11. How You Wish Every Taylor Swift Music Video Would End

Taylor Swift

12. How You Feel When That Kid In Class Reminds The Teacher That He Didn’t Assign Homework Yet

Walter White

13. Monday Morning Wake Up Call

Monday Morning Wakeup Call

14. Looking Around the Room the First Time You and Your Friends Watched Gangnam Stlye

Gangnam Style

15. Someone Says “I don’t know guys! I’m still kinda holding out for a Hoobastank Reunion tour”


16. How You Look on Spring Break

Spring Break

17. Trying To Play it Cool When Your Parents Ask If You Are Drunk

Trying to look cool

18. Seeing Your Ex’s New BF and Realizing You Totally Won the Breakup

Cee-lo Swag

19. When Your Friend Suggests That One Direction isn’t bad, just Miunderstood

One Direction Oprah

20. 2 Words: Free. Pizza.

Free Pizza

Eitan Levine is a New York City based comic. Follow him on Twitter at @Eitanthegoalie .

You know your friends want to see this. Pass it on!

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