20 WTF Food Fails That Will Ruin Any Appetite

wtf food fails cover

Look, we realize that different cultures have different cuisine, but is anybody really craving a hot dog with AIDS or plate of chicken ass? If you find any of these culinary abominations on your plate, do yourself a favor and immediately start fasting. Your stomach may just hate you otherwise.

lol american cheese

Not sure what’s so LOL worthy about this American cheese, but you never want your deli pulling practical jokes on you.

bbq porn

This isn’t going to help your rating on Hotels.com, Holiday Inn.

big dump

Adding “ling” to the end of a word can make all the difference between a satisfied customer and a health citation.

butt massage

Down home Southern butt massage, ya’ll!

chicken ass

Taste like chicken? Nope, taste like ass.

child meat

Sold only at the finest cannibal supermarkets.

cow something

This butcher shop could really up the excitement on this “cow something” with a spinning wheel of mystery parts.

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food fail

Ummm… uhhh… this doesn’t even sound legal.

flesh salada food fail

Probably from the same place that’s serving the cow something.

fresh herpes, food fail

Be careful, STDs are rampant in the produce section.

gross, food fails

This looks like a menu item from Fear Factor.

hot-dog-aids, food fail

They really need to have some sort of standards and practices system at the hotdog factory.

nut kiss, food fails

The working title was “Kiss Deez Nuts” but that just seemed too crass.

gross meat party mix

When people ask you to bring a food item to a party, it’s fair to say that 99.9999% of the time, they don’t want a jar of pig guts.

rape leaf, food fails

Your salad may say no to rape leaf, but it really means yes.

slut soup, food fails

Goes great with a skank sandwich.

something food fails

Cow something? Chicken something? Fish something? The exciting possibilities are endless!

swallow balls, food fails

Served on craft service tables at porn sets around the world.

taste like grandma, food fails

Mmmmmm,mmmmm, that’s good grandma.

vagfresh, food fails

Not to be taken orally.

Your friends would be so into this, share it!

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