EPIC WIN! Parents Troll Their Jerk Kids (15 Photos)

troll parents

Think that 15-year-old YouTube punks are the only ones who can troll? Wrong. Parents have a long tradition of “trolling” their kids, only back in the day it was just called neglect and child abuse. From texting to Facebook, parents are quick to knock their jerk kids off their high horse and back into reality. If you’re going to have kids, you might as well at least get some kind of joy from their misery, right?

tara dactyle

Super cool when Tahra was in 2nd grade. Not so much after the dinosaurs phase passed.

strip dad

Strippers at the graduation party are a win. The sexiness evaporates instantly though when your nana has to watch you get a lap dance.

get-along shirt

The friendlier sibling version of the Iron Maiden.

prom bomb

Prom bomb!

kid shaming

Kid shaming has yet to catch on the way dog shaming has.

hollister dad

Hey, if your dad wants some new Hawaiian board shorts and a puka shell necklace who are you to stop him?

get out keith

Mmmm, taste like resentment.

facebook mocking dad

Well done, dad with the self shot mockery. This is exactly why you shouldn’t befriend your parents on Facebook.

double prom bomb

Dad is dropping prom bombs! Notice the use of armpit exposure for maximum embarrassment.

bong vase

Mom found the perfect use for your “devil bong” while you were away at boarding school.

big balls pig

Hilarious photo for dad, uncomfortable and slightly scary for child.

clean your bathroom

Nothing breeds self-esteem issues in a child like a patronizing award for doing their household chores.

harry potter troll

She hasn’t even had a child yet and already she’s laid out a decade long plan of maximum trolling. The evil is strong in this one.

dad text

Dad wisdom stings a little.

kid gets trolled by dad

Tag team troll parenting.

Via Buzzfeed

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