FAIL: 14 Bodybuilders Who Take it Too Far

Let’s face it, getting into shape is hard work. It takes time, dedication, HGH, steroids, and a healthy diet of creatine shakes. Getting fit is one thing, becoming a human ox where your muscles have muscles is completely different and frankly, kinda terrifying. Please, don’t try this at home.


He is actually frozen like this. He now stands in front of a gym as a piece of advertising.


How I wish I was a fan on that wall.


He’s just laughing really hard. Wait til you see him flex!


What if this was your son? What if this was your dad?! The family that juices together stays together.


Bob’s dream finally came true. He is now able to hold 2 babies in his loving arms. IN his arms.


“Bro, do you even lift?”


Don’t talk to Mike. He just finished Toy Story 3 and needs some time to himself.

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That’s a pretty cool ta, WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO YOUR ARM, BRO?! Oh, just a muscle enhancement, phew.

Bodybuilding-Abuse-OVERLOAD copy

With enough masturbation you can get these guns, too.


He works harder than you. And dresses nicer than you. *swoooooon*


Disclaimer: “Do not place around sharp objects. Explosion may occur.”


He’s watching LOST and is confused, so give him some slack.

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u guyz are d BIGGEST fools in d universe (mind u not d earth)afta gays n d idiots who sleep wit animals.

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