Historical Instagram Mashes History with Hipster Irony

historical instagram

In case you’re an aficionado for soft lighting or black and white photos of lawn chairs at just the right time of day, you probably love Instagram. Which got us thinking, what if this fabulous technology had been available to our forefathers, how would they have used it? We’re confident we got it right…and oh so wrong.

Historical Figures Instagramming

Albert Einstein: I drink because everyone is much, much, stupider than me.

Che Guevara Instagram

Vegan Che Guevara: The kale really accompanies the quinoa well.

lincoln instagram

Abraham Lincoln: People often forgets Abe’s obsession with fixies, and the hotties that ride them.

Marilyn Monroe Instagram

Hipster Marylin Monroe: The leaves are so pretty this time of year. Also I’m hiding out from the mob right now.

MLK Instagram

Martin Luther King Jr.: Nothing boosts your confidence like snapping a quick pic as you deliver the mountaintop speech.

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Napoleon Instagram

Napoleon Bonaparte: Yeah, he’s a bit moody.

Teddy Roosevelt Instagram

Theodore Roosevelt: What’s the point of making hipster cookies if there’s no one to share them with?

washington instagram

George Washington: Put a bird on it.

winston churchill indie band

Winston Churchill: After that whole WWII thing was over, Winston put out an EP with his indie band. You wouldn’t have heard of them.

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