Shotgun Obama Meme Will Blast You in the Face

A photo of Obama shooting a shotgun went viral last week, sparking up more talk among those for and against added gun control. Naturally, Reddit had its way with the meme, creating a Photoshop frenzy with Obama doing everything from hunting Daffy Duck to blasting the United States Constitution. Yes, some of it might be offensive, but if the president can’t be turned into an eagle headed, cannon blasting, zombie killer, then what’s the point of the internet and free speech?

obama at the battle of hoath

obama vs the queen

cheney obama

chopper attack obama

constitution obama

obama duck hunting

eaglehead obama

elmer obama

halo obama


zombie liberals

kennedy assasination

obama kills lincoln

no guno gun obaman obama

nuge obama

obama unchained

overkill obama

red dead redemption obama

superman vs obama

Via Reddit

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