The 20 Awesomest Animal Photobombs Vol 2

20 Awesome Animal Photobombs

Animals aren’t funny and cameras aren’t funny but there are few things in life that can get me laughing harder than a cat awkwardly posing in the background of a photo.

We know that you guys LOVED volume 1 of Animal Photobombs and because we are soo awesome here at Heavy, we decided to give the public what they want.

We present to you, Animal Photobombs Volume 2:

1. Dog on Dog Bomb!

Dog on Dog photobomb

2. Fish Bomb!

Fish bomb

3. Creepy Dog Bomb!

Creepy Dog Bomb

4. Duck Bomb

Duck Bomb

5. Agressive Fish Bomb!

Fish  Bomb


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6. Sassy Dog Butt Bomb

Dog Butt Bomb

7. Angry Fish Bomb!

Fish bomb

8. Upside-Down Cat Bomb!

Cat Bomb

9. Giraffe on Giraffe Bomb!

Giraffe Bomb

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10. Jealous Cat Bomb!

Cat Bomb

11. Goat-on-Russian Solider Bomb!

Goat Russian Soldier Bomb

12. Freaky Stingray Bomb!

Stingray Bomb

13. Blair Cat Project Bomb!

Cat Bomb

14. Nonchalant Seal Bomb!

Seal Bomb

15. Dope Sloth Bomb!

Sloth Bomb

16. Plotting Cat Bomb!

Kid and Cat

17. Chipmunk Trying to Get in on the Action Bomb!

Chipmunk bomb

18. Surprised Cat Bomb!

Cat bomb

19. Whale Trying to Eat a Kid Bomb!

Whale Eating Kid

20. Whale on bird bomb!

whale bomb

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Eitan Levine is a New York City based comic. Follow him on Twitter at @Eitanthegoalie .

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