The 20 Worst Facebook Relationship Fails

facebook fails

We all have them, that terrible couple that can’t help but broadcast all their dirty laundry. Or maybe it’s your friend who’s “so in love”, and you’re just counting the days to watch it all go to hell. Indeed, Facebook is the best place for all the crazies to entertain us with their sad twisted love lives. Here’s a a top 20 you sick bastard.

facebook fails

Seems like he’s got his priorities in order.

Facebook Relationship fails

It’s a fair question.

facebook relationship cringe-worthy

Might want to start using a password.

facebook relationship fails


facebook relationship friend zone

Three rifle volleys followed shortly after.

facebook relatiomship fails

Yeah, she might cut you.

facebook relationship fails

Wow, Shawn sure is a great guy. He’s also single.


Ding! Ding! Ding! A prize for our winner!

facebook it's complicated fail

That does seem un-complicated.


I prefer the jigsaw on a jackal analogy.

facebook funny pics

There’s still time to run.

facebook friend zone

Nuff’ said.

facebook relationship funny

True love is hard to find.

facebook relationship fails

Sound advice all around.

facebook relationship fails

That pretty much clears it up for me as well.


There’s just layers of awesome terribleness in there.

face fail

Not sure that disproves bisexuality, but that is a bit whorish.

facebook fails

I would have gone with ‘ask the audience.’


You never bet the Xbox, no matter how stupid you think your girlfriend is.

facebook relationship fails

Thanks for sharing.

As per: lamebook


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