Top 10 Parody Twitter Accounts of All Time

Looking for some cheap laughs? Check out these parody Twitter accounts. They may not be representing legit people or organizations, but the funny is anything but fake.

10. Honest Manti Te’o @honestmantiteo
Manti Te’o’s mythological girlfriend might be old news, but it’s still hysterical news. In lieu of Manti Te’o’s public announcement yesterday forsaking all social media, we thought it was time for a more honest Manti Te’o to take the stand for all future PR.

9. Weird Horse @WeirdHorse
You have to be a little weird yourself to think Weird Horse is funny. But if you like odd humor with a flare of farmyard shenanigans, you might get a chuckle out of this off-base equine. Commonly turning pop lyrics into Weird Al farm parodies and talking a lot about geese and slugs, check it out. It’s always at least PG.

8. Debra Jones-O’Brien @PeanutFreeMom
Posing as a waspy tiger mom in New England, Debra Jones-O’Brien (note the hyphen?) provides narrow-minded wisdom and incite about raising her son Caleb in this seemingly too liberal world. Common themes include Democrats, sports, and all things Whole Foods. Laugh and be relieved that she’s not real.

7. The AntiComedian @JokeIsntFunny

Ever have that friend who just doesn’t get “it”? Say hello to the AntiComedian, a new Twitter troll who responds to the jokes of Rob Delaney, Megan Amram, and other web-worthy comedians to remind them not to be so quick on that “send” button.

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6. Coffee Dad @coffee_dad

Bordering on niche humor, Coffee Dad is a hysterical Twitter account to follow if you’re a little off too. Posing as a regular dad who doesn’t quite have much to post other than his affinity for coffee, the seemingly monotonous feed of purposefully out-of-touch broken hash tags is incidentally interrupted by an emotional tweet about his departed son or his dead daughter…then back to coffee.

5. God @TheTweetofGod

You can’t have a top 10 without at least including some God. Although bordering on blasphemous, God’s tweets are nonetheless entertaining. Commonly focusing on such subjects as the Catholic Church, gay marriage, and His overall infallibility, you will laugh and pray that the real God is this hilarious.

4. Death Star PR @DeathStarPR

The Galactic Empire has gotten a bad rap for far too long. Death Star PR works to repair the bad reputation that rebel scum has been spreading around the universe. Their tweets may lean to the dark side, but evil doe

3. Condescending Wonka @WonkaTweets

Who knew chocolate could be this bitter? If you’re familiar with the Condescending Wonka memes, you’ll love Condescending Wonka on Twitter. Laying down the law that no one is “too cool”, whoever took that original still of Gene Wilder should’ve put a trademark on it and made a fortune. But Condescending Wonka would probably look down on that too.

2. Not Gary Busey @NotGaryBusey

Very little has to be said about this Twitter account. The original Gary Busey is ridiculous. The parody Gary Busey just more so. Laugh and enjoy the misogyny and racism that isn’t too far off from the real thing.

1. Drunk Hulk @DRUNKHULK

Modeled after a favorite Marvel Comics hero who has had a few too many, Drunk Hulk is impressively socially aware despite his questionable literacy. Expect to find Mark Twain-esque quips without the grammar and especially without lower-case letters. But definitely a must follow.

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