Crazy Videos: 5 Insane Moments You’ve Never Seen

You don’t know what crazy means unless you’ve seen these videos. You’ll think you’re on bath salts by the time you’re done with this post. For real. Now, I do say insane for a reason– these videos are variously idiotic, shocking, and indubitably stupid. Check ’em out.

5. Russian Dukes of Hazard

Flying cars, but no Boss Hog

I was bored for about twenty seconds of this video, but then I saw the goods. Hollywood stunt men couldn’t have done a better job at this. I don’t want to spoil the surprise, so stop reading and just watch.

4. The worst Reggae song ever made.

Bob Marley rolls in his grave

This is the worst reggae song ever made and I kind of love it. The artist’s name is Kellyman and just be glad you aren’t him. The random shots of flabby butts or unimpressive under-boob don’t help the overall production. The crazy factor here comes from the repetition, bizarre model choices, and thoroughly unintelligible lyrics.

3. Mother leads her children into oncoming traffic.

Is she crazy or just stupid?

Warning: this is graphic. Two kids get hit by a car. That their mom led them into. Ok, I know suing your family isn’t cool, but if this was me, I’d be handing mama some legal papers (is that how suing works?)

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2. Person who think he’s an actual vampire interviewed for a fashion channel.

It’s day time. Doesn’t he know how vampires work?

This guy occasionally seems like he has a point but he never finishes a thought. He thinks he’s from the Twilight universe (or something like that) and the girl interviewing him starts laughing. This unaware goon rambles on and doesn’t say a single boring, non-crazy thing. Literally insane.

1. Insane singing or Tourette Syndrome?

If you can’t sing, maybe don’t.

I am a stupid person for loving this, but I do. A true human train wreck is singing “Starships” and no one stopped it. Can you imagine? What kind of person would see this happening and then be willing to record it. Nightmare stuff, you guys.

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