Money For Tweeting

Kim Kardashian Twitter

So the news broke today that Kim Kardashian gets paid up to $10,000 a Tweet by ad agency – whenever the sex tape star types, say, @Reebok, the shoe company coughs up some bucks. Kardashian’s 2 million followers are probably irresistible for marketers, but they have to contend with the partially illiterate star misspelling their names as part of the bargain – a recent plug for Dick’s Sports had them listed as “Dickssportscmo,” which ain’t nothing. This made me curious as to what other celebrities get scrilla for their Tweets, and with a little investigative journalism, I found out.

Jessica Simpson is being blackmailed by the coyote who stole her dog to tweet positively about Papa John’s Pizza in exchange for its safe return.

Shaq gets a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts of $18,000 a year to post on Twitter, with rumors of him being declared the nation’s Poet Laureate.

Spencer Pratt gets paid in gift cards.

Chris Brown is currently looking for an even more clueless and self-obsessed R&B singer to take some of the Tweet heat off of him.

Lindsay Lohan gets paid $400 per tweet by certain companies who insist that she not mention them.

Tila Tequila‘s herpes medication is fully reimbursed by Pfizer in exchange for occasional retweets of clinical trial results.

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