Trainwreck 100: Janice Dickinson

Trainwreck 100

Oh, celebrities: they suck, yet we can’t stop thinking about them. But who is truly the world’s most worthless celebrity? Here at Heavy, we use science to answer these questions. Using a complex series of algorithms that monitor blog mentions, videos, and other Internet and media traffic, we have distilled the world’s celebrities into an orderly list of 100 attention-seeking douchebags. Every day, we’ll debut another entry on the list, counting down to the ultimate celebrity trainwreck.

Fashion: where crazy people can rise to the top, if they’re hot enough. Case in point: today’s trainwreck, who has taken the title of “World’s First Supermodel” and run with it like Joe Namath. After an insanely successful career was run aground by the spectre of aging, she transitioned into the trainwreck’s safe harbor, reality television. After threatening a castmate on The Surreal Life with a knife, she got her own show, in which viewers thrilled as she verbally browbeat younger models in her tutelage. Oh, and did I mention the dudes she boned? Sylvester Stallone, Roman Polanski… John Lovitz? Who’s the high style trainwreck? Under the jump.

Janice Dickinson

Yes, Trainwreck 100 #59 is Janice Dickinson. The America’s Next Top Model judge earned America’s ire by picking on the plus-sized, and once she was bounced from Tyra’s busom she proceeded to make herself the most hated ex-hottie in America. Wearing outfits that would be scandalous on a younger woman but are merely disturbing on a lady of 54, Janice is a terror wherever she appears. And Janice isn’t stopping her booze-fueled partying lifestyle just because she’s half a century old. Whether it be claiming she murdered her abusive father or performing simulated oral sex on her boyfriend in broad daylight for the paparazzi, this former hot piece of ass doesn’t have an ounce of class. Here’s a fine video of a drunken Janice attacking the paparazzi.

Check out the Trainwreck 100 archive here.

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