Trainwreck 100: Rush Limbaugh

Trainwreck 100

Oh, celebrities: they suck, yet we can’t stop thinking about them. But who is truly the world’s most worthless celebrity? Here at Heavy, we use science to answer these questions. Using a complex series of algorithms that monitor blog mentions, videos, and other Internet and media traffic, we have distilled the world’s celebrities into an orderly list of 100 attention-seeking douchebags. Every day, we’ll debut another entry on the list, counting down to the ultimate celebrity trainwreck.

We’ve skewered a few right-wing demagogues in the pages of the Trainwreck 100 thus far, but it’s fair to say that none of them would exist if not for the efforts of this man, the grand wizard of pompous punditry. This guy staked out the Far Right’s mastery of the talk radio spectrum in the late 1980s, railing against Clinton and his cronies and building a dedicated audience of flyover state Americans. But during the Bush era, without a foe to fight, he sank into the mire of scandal himself, with an addiction to prescription painkillers making the anti-drug crusader look a little hypocritical. Throw in a couple dozen more tasteless, cruel, or just plain stupid statements and you have a trainwreck for the ages. Check him out under the jump.

Rush Limbaugh

Ditto – it’s Rush Limbaugh. Rush is the granddaddy of Republican talk radio, paving the way for the Glenn Becks of the world, and just for that he should earn our scorn. But the Rush-man’s public foul-ups are enough to let him stand on his own two feet. Like the time he claimed Parkinsons-afflicted actor Michael J. Fox was “just faking it for the cameras.” Or the time in 2003 when he was busted for illegal painkillers. Or the time in2006 when he was busted smuggling Viagra back from the Dominican Republic! The list just goes on and on. As Rush ages, he gets crazier and crazier, so the best is yet to come –check out this truly wack clip of him telling Americans not to donate to Haiti relief because Barack Obama is going to steal the money

Check out the Trainwreck 100 archive here.

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