New Disguises For Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen Disguises

Here we have celebrity douchebag Charlie Sheen, allegedly in disguise to sneak off for a tryst with mistress Angelina Tracy. Note the hoodie and fake mustache – Sheen, using all of the tools available to him as an actor, disguised himself so as not to be recognized. And now reports are coming in that Charlie has shaved his head to aid in future disguises. With that in mind, we thought we’d help Sheen screw around by suggesting some new disguise concepts for him to use.

Charlie Sheen Batman Disguise

Truly, he is the hero that Gotham deserves. If they couldn’t ID millionaire playboy Bruce Wayne, Charlie Sheen should be fine.

Charlie Sheen Jay Leno Disguise

Hey, look! It’s Jay Leno! Let’s get the hell out of here before he talks to us!

Charlie Sheen E.T. Disguise

This disguise was first used in the film E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial, and then adapted for use by Mary-Kate Olsen.

Charlie Sheen Avatar Disguise

With Avatar 2 going into production, this disguise is perfect. And if he gets caught, he can just claim that he’s Emilio Estevez piloting Sheen’s Na’Vi avatar.

Charlie Sheen Lindsay Lohan Disguise

Nobody even cares when they see Lindsay Lohan crawling around on the streets of L.A. covered in cocaine. Life & Style won’t pay a dime for those pictures. If Charlie Sheen wants to go out and get torn up, there’s no better way to keep away from the cameras.

Charlie Sheen Gimp Disguise

What, you think Charlie Sheen doesn’t own a gimp mask? Dude was married to Denise Richards. He probably keeps one in the trunk of his car.

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