Shut Up, Kathy Griffin—You Already Outed Anderson Cooper

Standup loudmouth Kathy Griffin proudly tells the Daily Beast that she “never would have dreamed of outing Anderson Cooper.”

Well, Kathy, as we noted yesterday, you basically outed your bosom buddy with lame jokes built around the assumption that he was gay. In one case, joking that he covered Hurricane Katrina in Prada:

How does Griffin reconcile building a standup routine around her BFF’s gay fashion tendencies with this BS that she never would have revealed his sexuality to the world?

And now this blowhard has the nerve to spew some pious poppycock about her loyal protection of his privacy … in the direct wake of his announcement, riding the wave of this breaking news to boost her her public exposure and hoping to claw her way out of B-list irrelevance. Meanwhile, she warns Cooper to handle his own bombshell with kid gloves.

To that we say something that often comes to mind when considering Griffin’s antics and repertoire: Shut the f*** up, Kathy. Shut your big effing mouth.

How do you feel about Griffin seizing the spotlight? Start a conversation in the comment section below.

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