The 10 Funniest Twitter Feeds

Twitter has become a go-to spot for some of the funniest commentary on the internet, and more than a few enterprising people have built or revitalized entire careers almost exclusively using 140 characters of sidesplitting gold. Here is a selection of the best Twitter humor streams, straight from the brains of America’s funniest folks. (Individual tweets may not be recent or in the order that they were found)

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Best known for his hilarious character, Dwight Schrute on The Office, the actual Rainn Wilson delivers some of the finest snark around.

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It turns out that Norm is a huge sports fan and loves to live-tweet games. His golf commentary has become famous, along with his prediction that Rori McIlroy would win the BMW Championship with 20 under. His twitter stream deserves its place among the hilarious because he has a great ability to get people on board with his insane gags, like politicians as monsters.

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The Relevant Organs is a satirical stream posing as the Chinese government. Need we say more?

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Karl The Fog may be San Fran’s most famous resident. Aside from literally being the biggest Giants fan, Karl is also fond of fog word play, which he admits is a rather grey area

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The banjo wielding Steve Martin’s tweets are so funny and popular that he published a book of them earlier this year entitled The Ten, Make That Nine, Habits of Very Organized People. Make That Ten.: The Tweets of Steve Martin.

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The New York Times is notorious for its sometimes long winded editorials on the obvious. And no one does obvious half as well as the Times.

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Ahm is a razor tongued funny lady and half of the clever My Favorite Stranger Podcast.

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Also an Office alumni, Mindy Kaling straddles the line (that she created) between classic girl ditz and wit.

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The Onion is known far and wide for it’s sharp ability to lampoon anything in the most hilarious and absurd fashion possible.

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With a massive following on Facebook, Takei’s Star Trek background and great sense of humor have made him an Internet favorite.

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ALl funny – I follow most of them. Also, and – check them all out for a barrage of hilarious tweets.

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