Andrew W.K.’s Twitter is Everything You Want it to be and More!

Do you follow Andrew W.K. on Twitter? No? You should. How can you keep on going without pearls of wisdom such as this:

Yes, that’s right, Andrew W.K.’s Twitter feed is exactly what you want it to be and more. And now that Andrew W.K. has been named a US cultural ambassador to the Middle East, his tweets will carry with them more weight than ever. So why not take a look at some of the best his Twitter feed has to offer.

Do you know how Andrew W.K. celebrates Thanksgiving? PARTY, that’s how:

Oh, and what’s that picture on that last tweet? Only the partyingest thanksgivingest image of all time!:

Andrew W.K. Turkey

But Andrew W.K. has so much more PARTY to offer:


And that’s just from the past week. The man is a machine, pumping out little bits of awesome every opportunity he gets. I love you, Andrew W.K., I love you so much.

And since this is a post about Andrew W.K. it wouldn’t be complete without: PARTY PARTY PARTY PARTY PARTY PARTY PARTY PARTY PARTY PARTY!!!!

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