Justin Bieber Steals Paparazzo Camera

Justin Bieber

(Getty images)

Paparazzi experienced a rude encounter with Justin Bieber this Wednesday at around 4 a.m. while trying to take snap a pic of the Canadian star in front of The Hit Factory recording studio. According to digitalspy.com, the singer was working on a set of new hits at the studio. Justin’s patience must have been running low that day (and we don’t blame him) because his next move involved ordering his body guard to take the paparazzi’s camera away from him.

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TMZ.com reports Justin screaming this at his body guard:

Grab that camera! Get that fu–ing camera out of here!

And not only that. When the photographer began to beg Justin to give the camera back, the star was not only unfazed, he was ruthless. He replies:

Alright, alright, I’m going to give you your camera back. I’m going to take your SIM card though.

Easy there, Tiger. The guy was just doing his job! Meanwhile, this isn’t the only un-welcomed interaction that recently occurred between Justin and the paparazzi. As reported by TMZ, his first incident had occurred Monday night at the American Airlines Arena when the young (and apparently very angry) star had his picture taken by a bystander using a cellphone. Apparently Justin threw a tantrum and stormed out, along with his body guard. Sounds like the star could use a chill pill, or maybe even a break. Justin announced his new single Heartbreaker on Tuesday, so maybe that will cheer him up a little. Let’s just hope he settles down soon, or else he might have to change the name of his new single to Camerabreaker.

Listen to Justin yell at the photographer as the pap pleads with him to give back his camera!

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