WATCH: ‘Gangnam Style’ Meets Nursing Home Style

If Elton John had a baby with an over-the-top kung fu movie, that baby would be Korean pop sensation PSY. His song “Gangnam Style” has not just made him the most famous person in music, it’s made him the MOST FAMOUS PERSON OF ALL TIME.

How famous is he? He got old people to get on the Internet and make parody videos of his music video. Do you get how big it is that PSY got old people to go on the Internet?! If Matlock asked my grandmother to Google something for her she would act like her hearing aid was broken and trust me, my grandmother LOVES Matlock.

Check the video above to see the miracle that is old people and “Gangnam Style.”

Still hungry for some old-people-on-gangnam-style action? Check out this video of old people reacting to “Gangnam Style”:

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