WATCH: Lance Armstrong to Oprah, ‘You’re Crazy and Fat’

Did you miss the two part Oprah interview with Lance Armstrong last week because you were too busy with your non-Lance life? Well, friend, you missed a doozie. Lance was supposed to be rehabilitating his image but all he really did was insult Oprah. And nobody insults Oprah, not even Stedman!

It’s a miracle that Oprah didn’t send her hounds on Lance after he called the talk show queen a crazy, fat b*tch. Better get on that bike and ride, Lance. It’s only a matter of time before Oprah’s henchman hunt you down.

Not Even Oprah Can Stop the Lance Armstrong Memes

Lance can make excuses about the dope use all he wants, but he can't stop the wave of memes that is coming.

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